September 2017

Nave Gallery, Nave Annex, and Washington Street Art Center

Michael Kirchoff

The Somerville Toy Camera Festival seeks entries for its fifth annual celebration of toy and lo-fi photography.

Images of any subject matter, made with a “toy” camera – any low-tech camera with no or very limited exposure control, such as pinhole, Holga, Diana/Diana clones, Brownie, Ansco, disposable cameras – are eligible. The key criteria are plastic lenses and a lack of reliable exposure control. Straight Polaroid-type images, or images made with cell phones, digital cameras, or film cameras with full exposure control (such as the Lomo LC series), will not be considered.

Deadline for submission: August 1, 2017
Photographers will be notified by: August 15, 2017
Selected work must be received by: September 1, 2017*

* Please note the short window between notification of acceptance (Aug 15) and the the date accepted work is due at the galleries (Sept 1). If your work is accepted, please plan accordingly.

All shows will open after Sept 7, 2017. Gallery-specific opening dates and related events to be announced. The final placement of work will be decided by the organizing committee. Accepted pieces must be delivered to the respective gallery framed and wired for hanging. Artists are responsible for cost of shipping to and from the gallery.

– A maximum of five pieces may be entered for consideration
– There is a $25 submission fee per artist