Preparing Work
for Exhibition

  • Work should arrive at the galleries ready for hanging (unless the work is an object intended for display on a shelf or pedestal). This means framed and wired across the back.

  • Please do not use a frame that has D-rings or other hanging points affixed to a cardboard backing. They usually can’t support the weight of the framed piece.

  • Be sure your name and the title of the work is affixed to the back of your framed piece.

Packaging and Shipping

  • Do not use packing peanuts/pellets of any type (including biodegradable), or allow your pack/ship facility to use peanuts or pellets!

  • We plan to return your work in the same box, and with the same packing materials, we receive it in. Please keep this in mind when packaging it up! If we have to use knives or blow-torches (or even scissors) to gain access to your actual piece, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to use the same packaging materials when we pack it back up, and that will cause delays in the return of your work (and will make us grumpy).

  • We recommend FedEx “Framed Art Boxes” for easy, safe packing and shipping. You buy the box in addition to paying shipping, but the box can be reused many times (and STCF will always return shipped work in its original packaging unless the packaging is destroyed or heavily damaged). We’re not affiliated with FedEx in any way, but in our experience, their Art Box is a win-win for artists and galleries. Info here:

  • We hope your work sells as much as you do, but nonetheless you must arrange for your work to be returned to you before you ship it to us. Include a pre-paid self-addressed return shipping label inside your box.

  • Do not use packing peanuts/pellets of any type (including biodegradable), or allow your pack/ship facility to use peanuts or pellets!

  • Be sure to include the following with your work before sealing up your package:

    • Signed insurance agreement (unless you emailed a scanned copy)

    • Pre-paid, self-addressed label for return shipping (this is not optional if you want the work back)

    • Your artist statement and/or CV if you’d like it made available to gallery visitors

  • Did we mention no peanuts?

International Shipping

In addition to the steps listed above, if you are shipping work from outside the USA, please state the following on any customs/declaration form(s):
Artwork on temporary loan for gallery exhibition. To be returned to sender.

We understand there are additional challenges involved when shipping internationally. If you are unable to obtain a pre-paid return label prior to shipping your work, please please please do the following:

  • Make note of the package dimensions and weight of your outgoing shipment. These will be needed when it comes time to ship the work back, and it’s easiest to get them off the shipping label/documents before the package leaves your hands.

  • During September, while your work is on exhibit, let your gallery contact know the options and associated costs for return shipping. Options can vary greatly depending on where you live. Decide in advance how you’ll pay the return shipping costs and communicate this to your gallery contact.

  • Be patient :-)