The 2016 Somerville Toy Camera Festival will take place in September-October, with exhibitions at three non-profit spaces in Somerville MA: Nave Gallery Annex, Washington Street Gallery, and Brickbottom Gallery.

In addition, this year we're thrilled to partner with The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA on a walk-in camera obscura built by artist Marian Roth! The installation of the camera obscura in a small gallery at the Griffin will take place on September 8, and is open to the public. The camera obscura will be accessible to visitors during regular Griffin Museum hours through October 2, 2016. See our Festival Events page for more info.

Nave Annex [map]
Exhibition Dates: Sept 8 - Oct 1, 2016
Regular Hours: Thur-Sat 2-8pm; Sun 2-6pm

STCF Opening Reception:
Friday, Sept 9, 6-8pm

Since 2004 the Nave Gallery in Teele Square has been the public face of ARTSomerville, a nonprofit, loosely knit volunteer group of artists and arts enthusiasts with the mutual goal to create new space(s) to present art in Somerville. The Nave has created a number of public music, dance and art events including Project MUM (a dance party under McGrath Highway), 2012's Yarnstorm Perry Park (part of our ongoing Wrap Around Project), and SqueezeBox Slam, an outdoor festival dedicated to accordion and concertina music. 
In 2013, the Nave Gallery added a second exhibition space, the Nave Annex in Davis Square.

Washington Street Art Center  [map]
Exhibition Dates: Sept 10 - Oct 1, 2016
Regular Hours: Saturdays, 12-4pm

STCF Opening Reception:
Saturday, Sept 10, 7-9pm

The Washington Street Gallery opened in 1998, housed in an arts center that provides studio space for 21 artists, cartooning and zine workshops, film classes, a regular experimental music program, and other creative events. 


Brickbottom Gallery [map]
Exhibition Dates: Sept 8 - Oct 15. 2016
Regular Hours: Thurs-Sat 12-5pm

STCF Opening Reception:
Saturday, Sept 10, 4-6pm

The Brickbottom Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space established in 1989. Open to emerging and established artists in the greater Boston metropolitan area, the gallery is run by the Brickbottom Artists' Association.