2016 Somerville Toy Camera Fest Selected Artists

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A Note from Juror Christopher James:

First, a special and sincere thanks to the organizing committee for inviting me to jury this year’s 4th edition of the Somerville Toy Camera Festival! I had a wonderful time going through the hundreds of images that were submitted and was sad when my task of looking and enjoying the work had been completed. 
My emphasis from beginning to end was based less on traditional “photo-goodness” and more on “toy” and the concept of innocence and play. I was attracted to images that invited me to create with them and I was also particularly devoted to the concept of the recognition of memory… of how things look to our F.1 eyes rather than the way things look with a “grown-up” camera. Of course, the way a grown -up camera sees has very little to do with the way our eyes, memory, and our intellects process and decipher information. I could go on!
Lastly, my selections and choices are not, in any way, a rendering of judgment on the artists who put themselves, and their work, on the line. The selected work is really only a representation of a juror’s preferences and inclinations on a particular day, without context to scale or portfolio, and not a definitive critique on the merits and perfection of the image submitted or how those images were replicated so that they could be judged in a digital environment. In truth I was impressed with everyone and sincerely hope that all who submitted will enjoy the exhibitions and submit again in the future. Thank you all for the opportunity to see your outstanding work; it was an honor and a delight serving you.

Christopher James
University Professor
Director, MFA Photography
Lesley University College of Art and Design

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